Creating Websites

Websites can be created for multiple purposes. They are a form of composition that receives an authentic audience. With open source software, websites are now easy to make and this practice can be done with students. Moreover, the composition of websites includes following a writing process, but also thinking through a different organizational pattern than other types of writing. This skill can be helpful for reading websites and working through the composition and revision process of organization of a website as a particular genre.

Reasons to Create Websites

  • engages students
  • offers an opportunity to explore a new genre
  • provides a publishing opportunity and authentic audience
  • analysis of composing on the internet can be explored
  • serves multiple purposes for composition including composition of the website and the genre within websites
  • includes an opportunity to engage with multiple forms of media and composition of that media (audio, video, text, visuals are all included in websites)
  • practice in layout and formatting are part of website creation
  • provides an opportunity for various arrangements for collaboration
  • illustrates how easy it is to post a website online, which emphasizes the importance of critically reading websites
  • allows for various types of writing to be present in one collection; multigenre writing is clearly a part of websites

Ways to Use Websites with Students

  • students can post class notes online
  • network students to one another to discuss material or offer response to one another
  • create fictional blogs from various character's point of view (remember to offer a disclaimer about the fictional aspect)
  • create a fictional social network (which can be done in various programs that are not social networks - try a wiki or you could even do this with hyperlinks in Powerpoint) of characters, authors, people you are studying (again offer the disclaimer) and utilize the opportunity to show connections between the people of study (see Poet Wiki for an example)
  • students can publish their work online for feedback (blogs are helpful for this)
  • discussions can take place via websites
  • silent reading and response

Technology Tools


Weebly - Create a Free Website
Teacher Web
Google Sites- You need a Google account to check this out.

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