Evidence and Credibility

As we work with digital writing, it's important to remember that skills involved with digital writing also require writers to be critical readers of digital writing. Readers and writers need to be savvy consumers of information. Just as we create websites or post information online, we also must be aware that we need to be smart about what we determine to be true or valid information. That means, questioning what we read and analyzing texts for evidence and credibility. Likewise, work with evidence and credibility can inspire writing.

Reasons to explore evidence and credibility with students

  • readers need to be critical of what they determine to be valid
  • readers need to be aware of fake and invalid information posted online
  • readers should read for bias and influences on texts
  • readers need to be critically literate of content consumed that influences their understanding and thinking about the text and the world
  • readers need to be aware of the global influence on our world
  • readers need to be aware that what they read or view should not always be taken as fact

Ways to explore evidence and credibility with students

  • explore websites and determine credibility
  • work with readers to determine criteria for evaluating websites and reading material
  • explore image doctoring and even the role that photo editing may have upon true and reliable information
  • explore the role of images in society and how our perceptions are influenced by images
  • explore the role of bias in media
  • use evidence to write stories
  • show students fake websites or even tabloids or hoax emails to discuss whether or not the information is valid
  • teach argument through use of evidence
    • discuss images and stories about a murder mystery Murder Mystery
    • create your own exploration of crime scene investigations, so that students can gather evidence and then use that evidence to tell the story of what happened

Fake Websites (Use teacher discretion)
Tree Octopus
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research
Male Pregnancy
Great Lake Whales
Martin Luther King

Photo Editing (Use teacher discretion)
Photo Ethics
Information Clearing House
Photoshop of Horrors
Images and Ethics
Dove Beauty Campaign