Reflecting on Learning and Your Students

When considering how to motivate struggling writers, it can be helpful to keep in mind various successes and challenges our students face, as well as to reflect on our own experiences as a learner, teacher, and writer. This introductory material aims to start your thinking about this topic.

Self as a Learner

Use this time as an opportunity to write and reflect on your own experiences as a learner. You may choose to write in the discussion tab on this page.

Writing Prompt 1: Write for 3- 5 minutes about a time when you experienced a barrier or struggle to learning. What was your response to that barrier or struggle? Feel free to address a situation that had something to do with learning, but it doesn’t have to necessarily be in school. Maybe it’s a sport you struggle with, a hobby or something else entirely. Again, this may connect to school or not, it’s up to you.

Reflect on your writing:
After writing, consider what sort of responses you may have received from other people about this barrier or struggle. Add on to writing prompt 1 by exploring the following questions: In what ways was this experience positive or negative for you? Why? Ultimately, how did you get beyond the barrier or struggle? What can you take away from this experience that you can relate to your teaching?

Your Students

Please write your response to the following in the discussion tab.

Writing Prompt 2: Identify Characteristics of Struggling Students:
  • In general, how would you describe your struggling students?
  • What are some of the issues you deal with related to struggling students?
  • How do you already motivate struggling students?
  • What questions are you trying to address with struggling students?

Now, consider how your struggling students compare to the nation's struggling students.
Open the Gender statistics pdf and then, take a guess at the statistics.

Now, take a look at the answer key and compare results.

Add on to writing prompt 2: What connections do you see between the students you teach and national statistics? Use the discussion tab for your response.

Writing Prompt 3: Dream Big, Start Small and Celebrate your Successes

What are some ways that you have helped a struggling writer? What strategies, activities, or assignments have you used that have helped support struggling writers? Use the discussion tab for your response.

Writing Prompt 4: Changing World: Struggling students in a 21st century world

How does our changing world impact struggling students?

Watch the videos listed below then respond to this question using the discussion tab.

Did you know? (some of us may have seen this, some not…while you watch it, consider how our changing world impacts struggling students and writers)

An Answer: Our Future

Writing Prompt 5: And so it begins...

Answer the following questions in the discussion tab.
  • What ideas do you have for incorporating technology into your instruction?
  • What would need to happen in your context to make teaching with technology work?
  • What challenges might you face when incorporating technology? Consider your own personal instruction challenges, infrastructure, etc.
  • What are some reasons why you might consider incorporating technology into your instruction?
  • What are some reasons you might not incorporate technology into your instruction?

Congratulations! Now that you have completed the introduction page you are ready to venture off into the digital world. Choose one aspect of writing to focus on from the navigation bar and have fun.