Revision can be enhanced through use of digital tools. Online collaboration, as well as, audio recording can be helpful for revision.

Collaborative Peer Review

Nicenet is a free system similar to other course management systems and it could be used for peer review

Networks are opportunities to have open or closed discussions via the web. They are social networks like Facebook. With careful set up and guidelines established for your classroom use of a network, they may be used with students for a class community and opportunity to respond to peers. A few free networks are listed below.

Google Docs offer an opportunity for collaboration in text documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Materials are shared between those that are invited to look at the same document. Upon completion, files can be downloaded into other programs.
Google Docs to use Google Docs a free account is needed

Edit and share documents collaborating on documents can take place in many ways. While attachments to emails are one way to collaborate, some websites assist in sharing documents for review without the need for an attachment. Google Docs (to use Google Docs a free account is needed) works for this purpose, so do these other websites:

Audio Recording for Revision

Audacity is a free audio editor. This tool is neat for revision because writers can see the peaks of their voice when reviewing their audio recording. Writers may notice that something doesn't sound quite right and they may also further explore their voice as a speaker as well as a writer.
Tutorial on Using Audacity
LAME MP3 Encoder

Posterous - record audio through your cell phone