Podcasts are audio files that are distributed through the internet. Podcasts are audio files that can be collected in one audio location, such as iTunes, through the use of an RSS feed. RSS

Reasons to Create Podcasts

  • gives students a voice outside the classroom
  • helps students with revision by hearing their own voice
  • can be used with any type of genre
  • easy to do with students either individually or in groups
  • multiple purposes
  • opportunity to gain a larger audience and more feedback for public speaking

Ways to Use Podcasts with Students

  • create a radio show with students
  • students can interview others and obtain permission to post interviews online
  • students could give a speech in class, record it, then post it
  • students can refine a spoken essay and post it online
  • explore educational podcasts

Everything Podcasts

Technology Tools

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Classroom Examples
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Alternative Ways to Podcast
Posterous - podcast through your cell phone

Free Audio
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File Conversions
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