Digital storytelling incorporates the written story, visuals and audio. Typically, digital storytelling focuses on stories, but variations in the genre are often a part of digital storytelling.

Reasons to tell stories

  • reinforce classroom taught lessons
  • uses various learning styles
  • provides access to a creative side that may not necessarily come out with pen and paper
  • allows students to combine skills of composition with images, audio and the text
  • gives writers an opportunity to practice reading, writing, and listening
  • engages students
  • connects to various classroom curriculum
  • helps develop voice in writing
  • considers multiple ways to compose
  • includes purposeful integration using various forms of media

Ways to Use Storytelling with Students

  • as a form of storytelling
  • good use of final assessment
  • connects to literature
  • research
  • presentations

Technology Tools

Digital storytelling can be done through a variety of technology mediums. Photostory is one option and it is a free download. OpenOffice Impress can also be used, as well as Moviemaker or iMovie. Each program has various benefits. Determining which technology you will use includes considering your capabilities at school, as well as your objectives. Some programs are simpler and depending upon the group you are working with it may be a better option to be simple. In other cases, being able to include more elaborate movie aspects may be important and lead to use of a different program. In the examples used below various technology tools are used depending upon objectives and access.

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